DC charger with integrated battery

“Unfortunately, it is not possible to set up a quick charging station here, as the grid connection does not provide enough power…”

We often hear this sentence. Sadly many people interested in fast-charging stations have this challenge. Especially if they are located in older, scarce, or previously exactly sufficient grid connections.

Further, with the growing number of vehicles, fast charging stations at attractive locations will make a relevant contribution to enabling mobility even over longer distances.

It is possible to temporarily store the energy in batteries. These can then be transferred to a vehicle in the form of a quick charge. Thus costly network expansion is not necessary anymore. The batteries are then fully charged again with a constant power that is acceptable for the grid. The battery-supported rapid charging station is useful. For that reason, It is where rapid charging is a requirement at regular intervals. However, you need a sufficient number of “breaks” to recharge the batteries.

This concept has already been realized several times with locally installed batteries. However, it is also possible to integrate these batteries into a “mobile” charging station. Thus, a location can be equipped with a Plug & Play quick charging station. This is possible because the charging station with integrated batteries only needs to be placed and connected.

What are the challenges?

Basically, there are already various challenges in network expansion. For example, the renewable energy generated in the north of Germany needs transportation to the south of the country. The expansion of (rapid) charging infrastructure creates a further requirement for grid expansion.

However, a mobile quick charging station with integrated batteries has several challenges that have to be considered in product development. In addition to safety requirements, the aim is to keep the rapid charging station as compact as possible. This also has massive effects on the design of such a station.

A further challenge is the electromagnetic compatibility of the product.

Consequently, a large number of requirements arise from the complexity of the charging station:

  • Which connectors are perfect for you?
  • What performance should be possible?
  • Is the cooling of the cables a requirement?
  • How many quick charges should be possible in succession?

All these are questions that lead to complex product development. Additionally, sophisticated product design is a requirement for this.

What is our service?

In conclusion, we support you in the development of your DC charging station and answer your questions. Through various projects, we have a lot of experience in the development of hardware for charging stations. Therefore, we advise you on charging stations with or without an integrated battery.