EV Roaming

Every electric car owner’s dream: to have many charging stations available and to be able to charge at all these charging stations. Regardless of the supplier using and with an understandable and transparent tariff model.

EV Roaming can create such a desirable charging environment. If the right communication mechanisms are integrated at the charging stations as well as at the backends of the operators, nothing stands in the way of this dream to come true.

If possible, an interoperable network should be created between providers, operators and the necessary hardware, so that the customer does not have to worry about recharging in unknown territory.

What are the challenges?

EV Roaming can be implemented with the help of different providers and using different communication protocols. This is where the complexity arises. The electric mobility market is still quite young. New developments in hardware, software and standardization require operators to constantly develop their backend in order to be compatible with the market and offer their customers a satisfying charging experience.

Probably the biggest challenge is to manage the developments in such a way that an interoperable network is created without further complicating the market. This is already complex due to the modular market structure of hardware and vehicle manufacturers, operators and service providers. It is demanding to work out compromises between these parties and to standardize them in extensive standardization work.

What is our service?

A rough overview of the EV roaming market can be obtained quickly. But how do I get from theory to practice?

When do I need my own backend? Which roaming operator should I use to make my charging stations available to the general public? When does EV Roaming start to scale and when is it worthwhile to implement which roaming variant?

We do not only support you in making the right choice for the operation of your charging stations, but also advise you and your team in a practical way on the integration of your own EV roaming communication in your backend.

We look forward to working with you to determine which roaming implementation offers you and your customers the most added value and have the know-how to implement this together with you.