Plug and Charge

Convenience is king. And what is more convenient than having nothing to do to achieve a goal? Plug and Charge is exactly that!

It’s the most convenient way to authentication at the charging station. The driver does not have to do anything except for plugging in the charging cable.

Now it is possible to charge your car using plug and charge authentication. Therefore the EV communicates to the charging infrastructure using the ISO 15118 communication protocol. At first the car establishes a secure data connection to the charger via the cable. Subsequently the car sends encrypted authorization credentials to the charger.

This technology uses a public key infrastructure (PKI) that guarantees for state-of-the-art security. Vehicles that support the technology carry their own private key. This enables a charging contract to be linked to the vehicle and the vehicle to take over the authentication at the charging station.

For the user this means: no annoying digging out of the RFID card, no cumbersome search in the app to which charger you are connected to. This saves valuable time with every charge!

Is Plug and Charge production ready?

The challenge is similar to the general hen-egg problem of a new technology. At first the new technology has to penetrate the market. Only a certain coverage can help it to take off.

Vehicle manufacturers, charging station manufacturers, station operators and mobility providers around the world are implementing it at the moment. The first cars are on the street and the chargers are waiting at the corner.

The challenge for every charging provider is to implement the technology on the one hand and to integrate the feature into the product.

Our contribution

We support you in adding Plug and Charge to your products and systems. Our experience reaches from the system design up to the frontend integration.

Our information page helps users to understand Plug & Charge. It explains the advantages of the technology for users and providers. Additionally providers can download the ident-icon from there. It helps users to identify a Plug and Charge enabled charging station.

For our customers we implemented Plug and Charge for example in a CPO and MSP system and in a MSP service. We were also supporting the engineering the ecosystem and contributed to the standards development.