Level up your EV charging knowledge!

We offer workshops for our core topics in EV charging infrastructure in various levels of expertise. The regular workshops are currently only available in German language. (See our German website). However, we regularly hold customized workshops also in English language on request.

The main topics for workshops can be chosen from:

  • “Eichrecht” (Calibration law) for charging infrastructure
  • Plug and Charge technology (ISO 15118)
  • EV Roaming (systems, interfaces, processes and products)
  • Smart Charging
  • Charge Point Management Systems (CPMS)
  • EV charging product development


Choose your location! We can organize a workshop at your company or at any conference center near you. Additionally we have direct access to available meeting rooms in various cities.

Of course any workshop can be held online as well.


You chose your topic, your pace and your level. We prepare your workshop based on our expertise and existing content. The workshop can be offered from one to multiple people. Usually we include the current questions of the audience into the topic to align to the actual need.

Workshops are typically provided in a full-day session or over the course of multiple days.



online or at your premises