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We are offering engineering services for companies in the electric vehicle charging market. Project examples for our services:

Icon Charging Station Backend
Backend Development

You are developing a charging station backend system.

Icon Statging Station
Charging Hardware

You are engineering charging station hardware.

Icon Mobility Service Provider Role
Product Development

You are creating an EV charging product or service

Icon parking space with charger
Build charging stations

You are building charging stations for your company or municipality.

Our topics

EV Roaming

Protocols and backend systems


Charge Point Management Systems

Smart Charging

Load management and smart demand systems

Plug and Charge

Certificate based authorization method


Calibration law compliance for charging systems

EV Charging Products

Product knowledge and development

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Focus is on user experience!

While there are many EV charging services and products available, we often see shortcomings in the user experience. This is where the market has to focus on to make electric driving a success!

Simon Schilling EV Charging Expert, Founder of Wiedergrün
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EV charging is growing!

When I entered the EV charging market in 2012, the complexity was much lower. The market and the technology are evolving at a very high rate!

Simon Schilling EV Charging Expert, Founder of Wiedergrün

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